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Claw Care Stands

Discover our extensive range of first-class hoof trimming crushes developed and manufactured by us - mechanical, electric and hydraulic. Rely on professional quality for optimum care of your animals.

LOSTRE Feed Systems

The LOSTRE feed system enables stress-free, contactless and safe guidance of cattle into the hoof trimming or treatment stall. Flexibly adaptable to local conditions, the system is suitable for both small and large farms.

Cage for the pasture

The catch cage is an efficient and safe solution for catching animals in the pasture quickly and easily. It can be attached to a suitable vehicle using the three-point mount (Euro mount), making it easy to handle.

Treatment stand

The examination stand for cattle was specially developed for treatments on standing animals. Whether artificial insemination, hoof treatments or operations - this examination stand offers the ideal solution.

Accessories and optional extras

Our range includes a diverse selection of optional accessories for hoof trimmers, farmers and livestock owners. In addition to modern tool holders and drift fences, we also offer heating and warming boxes especially for hoof trimmers.

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