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Hydraulic hoof trimming crush

  • Stepless height adjustment
  • Silent hydraulic units
  • Magnetic tool holder
  • High-quality LED headlights
  • Barrier-free entrance and exit
  • SP control via joysticks

Product information

Stepless height adjustment
The working height of the hoof trimming crush can be individually adjusted to the respective hoof trimmer using integrated sensors. The stand automatically moves to the right height to ensure ergonomic working.

Operation via joysticks
The ergonomically shaped joysticks allow all driving and working functions to be controlled with high precision, ensuring comfortable and safe operation of the hoof trimming crush.

High-quality LED headlights
The hoof trimming crush is equipped with high-quality LED headlights on the front footrest and an LED light bar on the rear footrest to ensure optimum illumination. The headlights switch on automatically when the hoof trimming crush is raised and switch off again automatically when it is lowered. This helps to ensure the safety and well-being of the animals during hoof trimming.

Basic equipment

Technical data

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