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Catch cage

  • Developed for outdoor use
  • Catch your animals safely
  • Suitable for smaller treatments
  • Euro holder for fixing

Product information

Safety for humans and animals
Our top priority is the safety of humans and animals. We have thereforedesigned and constructed the cattle catching cage to
the highest standards to ensure that there is no risk of injury when used correctly.

Euro mount for attachment
The Euro mount allows you to quickly attach the safety cage to your tractor or telehandler. This means you remain flexible and can switch to other technology at any time. The mounting system is adapted to your requirements, whether Euro or three-point mounting.

Slide and narrow the space
The catching cage has a sliding grid. You can narrow the space and secure your animals by simply pushing it. The integrated door allows your cattle to run out. You can then load them onto a trailer and transport them. Alternatively, you can also carry out minor treatments directly on the cage.

Treatments directly on the standing animal
Small treatments can be carried out directly, easily and safely on the standing animal in the pasture. This is made possible by the push system, which narrows the space and keeps the animal secure and fixed in place.

Simple selection
With the catch cage, you can select your animals exactly where you need them. The cage can be quickly and easily attached to a Euro mount (e.g. on a tractor) and used in the pasture. So you remain flexible at all times.

Basic equipment

Technical data

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