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Electric hoof trimming crush

  • Barrier-free passage
  • size-adjustable self-grip
  • 2 powerful electric motors
  • Belly belt recess
  • Chest and abdominal belt system

Product information

Electric hoof trimming crush
The EL100 electric hoof trimming crush is equipped with two powerful electric motors that control the chest and belly strap system as well as the rear footrest. The rear flap, front foot pick-up and self-catcher can be operated mechanically. In addition, the hoof trimming crush has high-quality LED headlights and a barrier-free entrance and exit for convenient handling.

Belly strap recess
In this hoof trimming crush, the chest and belly straps are placed in a special belly strap recess to allow barrier-free passage. This minimizes the risk of tripping or getting caught and ensures injury-free hoof care or treatment.

Operation via pushbuttons
The chest and abdominal belt system and rear footrest can be controlled electrically using pushbuttons, ensuring comfortable and safe operation of the hoof trimming crush. The front footrest is operated mechanically via a pressure safety crank.

High-quality LED headlights
The hoof trimming crush is equipped with a total of four high-quality LED headlights on the front and rear foot supports to ensure optimum illumination.

Basic equipment

Technical data

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