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LOSTRE Feed Systems

LOSTRE herding systems are modern herding tracks for cattle whose special curves and design enable stress-free, contactless and safe herding
cows - without the need for electric driving aids or beating sticks.

Your advantages


Specially developed curved track for stress-free driving.


Use the animals' natural flight reflex - without any driving aids.


No risk of injury to humans or animals if used correctly.


Individual adaptation to the conditions of your business, even when space is limited.

Needs and behavior of cattle

Recognize & understand

The best way to work with cattle is as slowly as possible. Cows can only see clearly 10 meters away. Cattle do not recognize flowing movements, but only single image sequences. It is therefore important to know the needs and behavior of the animals. The LOSTRE drive-in system helps with this and ensures stress-free, safe and non-contact drive-in. The driving devices are adapted to the behavior of the animals and provide a familiar environment.

LOSTRE stands for


The Low Stress System (LOSTRE) ensures a calm, virtually stress-free entry of the animals. Performance losses, milk losses and poor meat quality (PSE and DFD) are avoided. This makes work at the hoof trimming crush or treatment crush more relaxed, efficient and faster.

Without driving aids and batons

for more animal welfare

With the help of roundels or individual solutions, animals can be driven into the drifts. The drive can be carried out comfortably by one person. Electric driving aids or batons are a thing of the past. The cattle run their way without time-consumption or force. This is ensured by the specially developed curved track. The black side walls give your animals a feeling of safety. This way you drive your cattle stress-free, contactless and absolutely safe into the claw care or treatment stand.

The natural escape reflex

The LOSTRE drive-in system uses the cattle's natural flight reflex. This enables contactless entry into the hoof trimming crush or treatment stall.

The right leadership

One after the other

When cattle go on a journey, they always go in a straight line. Cows never walk a straight path. As herd animals, they have the need to get back to the herd. The LOSTRE feed system provides this path with its special curves and the high sight barriers. It is therefore not possible for the animals to veer off to the left or right. This gives the cows a good and safe feeling.

Why the shoulder is so important

The linchpin

Those who know the cows' pressure points know how to move them forward without driving aids. The shoulder is the pivot point. With the help of the attached balustrade, pressure can be built up by walking towards the cattle. At the moment of shoulder passage, this load shifts and the animals move forward.

The best investment

Into the future

With the purchase of a LOSTRE drive system, you are investing in the future. It guarantees stress-free, contactless and safe driving into the claw or treatment stand. The trapping system is the optimal extension for every farm with cattle. It can be adapted to any room size or area and is individually planned and adapted.

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